Worry Stones

Worry Stones

For anyone who attended my talk in Stockport will know how important it is to learn how to deal with everyday stress and anxiety.

At the moment child services and the NHS are becoming more overwhelmed with referrals to mental health services. The NHS only has limited services within the National Health Service so it is likely that children and young people can go a significant amount of time before seeing someone who can help.

During my workshop I explained and showed basic techniques in dealing with stress and anxiety through crystal healing. The easiest way to help someone through crystal healing is buying them a worry stone.

A worry stone can be commonly known as a thumb stone. They're very easy to use and find that they can calm the mind after a few minutes of use. They can be used by holding the stone in your left hand (as this is the receiving hand) Hold in your palm and fingers. Then gently the thumb is moved back and forth across groove in the stone. The action will help to reduce stress and anxiety of an individual.

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